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We realize knitwear made by Organic Merino Wool naturally dyed, using ingredients such as flowers, leaves, and roots and it’s absolutely Chemical-free. Unique nuances of color, are guarantee of a this natural dyeing technique. NATURALE® is an all natural dyeing process specifically devised by Tintoria di Quaregna, which uses more than 200 natural ingredients, such as flowers, leaves, berries and roots to get a wide range of colours and shades really attractive, plain colours and mélanges.

Thanks to these natural dyes we created our many-coloured collection using wool, cashmere, silk, cotton and linen, and the final result was really fine: good fast colours and reproducible nuances.

All dyes pertaining to our NATURALE® collection are very distinctive, very unique and derive from researches and studies we have done so far, carefully taking into great consideration the respect for the environment and the use of eco-friendly processes.

Due to its natural and exclusive characteristics, our technology has been given a worldwide certification by WOOLMARK.