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Our commitment

We put sustainability at the core of our everyday choices, from the very first steps of the creative process to the moment our garments become part of your LIFE. The invisible thread that weaves together the designers, the makers, the sellers and the customers who buy our pieces is the seamless continuous flow that gives life to FLO’

Nature lovers

100% natural yarns and ecological dyeing recipes. Through a modern approach to the traditional infusion technique, our yarns are dyed with entirely natural ingredients. No chemicals are involved in order to guarantee a sustainable production process.

Ethical production & trasparency

Our garments are knitted by small manufacturers in the North of Italy, by partners who value high quality, local craftsmanship and the use of traditional looms. The dignity of each worker, taking part in our garments production process, is extremely important for us. We personally check that our collaborators comply with all the protection requirements guaranteed by the European Union.

Minimal wardrobe & core collection

We produce essential and timeless garments where detail and quality make them unique.

0 KM Packaging

All our packaging is made of recycled paper, sourced from local paper mills.

100% natural yarns and ecological dyeing recipes